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Kakatiya Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd., incorporated in the year 1999 has been specialising in the manufacture of Lighting controls using advanced and innovative patented technology to offer energy conservation and automation. The company’s approach is always to develop products based on a zero base concept and to adopt new methods of manufacturing and offering unique and new products to the customer.

The company has in house capabilities in the applicative technology areas of Infrared sensing, Digital micro controller, DC power switching, AC power switching, Voltage sensing, Current sensing, duration based digital timing with rechargeable battery based memory back up, Analogue processing, HMC for mixed signal processing, Low level light detection capabilities, Selective spectral response processing using multi spectral sensors etc.

The company also has mechanical design capabilities to offer aluminum, plastic and SMC moulded enclosures offering Ingress Protection upto 65 apart from thermal dissipation. The company has a support base of vendors who specialise in mass manufacturing of metal and plastic enclosures, mechanical parts and processes.

The company has a team of dedicated staff who are associated with the company from it’s inception. The company’s development and manufacturing teams interact with each other regularly so that the design objectives are practical and are realised fully in manufacturing.

K E P L is an equal opportunity employer and the atmosphere is employee oriented to ensure a bonding between the company and the staff.


To consistently engage in development and production of products useful to the society on a global scale leading to global recognition as a reliable supplier of innovative and quality products leading to a sustained growth of the organization.


1. Following ethical practices in all dealings with the stakeholders and the society.
2. Always engaging in productive activities offering a real value addition through its products and services to the society.
3. Encouraging innovation and rewarding the productive contributions of the organizational participants to sustain the relationships.
4. Practicing good corporate governance in its letter and spirit so that the company can grow on a global scale in an acceptable manner to the world at large.


We have developed a range of products based on an intelligent light sensing technique coupled with a micro controller based duration clock to automatically control the outdoor lamps like street lights, campus lights, tower lights, signage lighting, hoarding lighting etc. These products are offered in various models to cater to different categories of customers and for different lighting loads. We also offer products for late night dimming of HID lamps. Our other products are Raksha Auto Dipper for road safety and Pole mountable Junction Box for electrical safety. The GSM/GPRS based remote information and intervention products are under development with a view to offer real time based alerts.

Infrastructure and Environment:

Kakatiya Energy Systems Private Limited is located in moulaali industrial estate with all the infrastructural facilities like Roads, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet, Drainage, Etc. It is close to central area of Hyderabad city enjoying access to services like postal, Courier, Railway Station, Bus Station, Airport and staff residential area.

The location enjoys a hospitable climate and it is free from floods, cyclones, hurricanes and other natural extremities. Temperature range throughout the year is also moderate.

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