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Frequently asked Questions

1) Question : We have enough manpower to operate the outdoor lamps.

Answer: There is no doubt about the manpower and their dedicated operation. How ever it is often observed that the actual manual operation of the switches will involve energy wastages due to many factors like early switching ON and late switching OFF. Even late switching ON is also a problem since the lights are required when it becomes dark.  If a Nature Switch is installed it will switch the lamps objectively and make the staff free to attend to other important issues. The saving in energy costs will be so much that the cost of Nature switch will be recovered in the first few months itself depending on the load and manual costs.

2) Question : Many photocell-based devices were tried out in the past and none of them have proved successful.

Answer: The earlier devices have failed due to design limitations. These earlier switches are mostly based on a simple LDR or a visible sensor leading to erratic judgments. These limitations were understood and a very advanced and reliable solution is being offered now in the form of a NATURE SWITCH which offers the twin advantages of a sensor and a timer with out the limitations of both. All the needed  lab and field trials were completed before being offered. The issues addressed include the container sealing, sensor selection, field of view definition, a transformer free dc conversion, a high voltage withstand capability, a reliable power switch for handling the load, calibrated light response characteristics, overload sense trip and latch mechanism, over voltage and under voltage sense, trip and auto reset,  a simple,easy and convenient selection procedure, an integrated and sealed terminal box etc. The device can withstand an input level as high as 440 volts AC and the enclosure conforms to IP65 to provide complete protection to circuit from dust and water making it a suitable device for outdoor fitment.

3) Question : Timers are being used and everybody got accustomed to use them. Then why to change the system?

Answer: The timers have certainly introduced an element of Automation in operating the outdoor lamps. But true Automation is possible only with an infrared sensor based solution like Nature Switch. The timers need a clock setting and monitoring and seasonal resetting. All this calls for maintenance by a skilled person which costs time and money and is prone to errors and complaints. Change of the present system with a Nature Switch is only to improve the system further and to ensure a total Automation, which is no more dependent on the human supervision.  Even advanced pre programmed timing systems based on geographical location parametres can not meet the true need of outdoor users simply because the day to day weather conditions can not be predicted and addressed by the digital timer while NATURE SWITCH meets the same with assurance.

4) Question : How small switches like this can be used to control heavy loads especially in public lighting?

Answer: This switch is looking small since it is essentially with an electronic content rather than electrical in nature and is in tune with the modern approach of miniaturization. The size has no real bearing on the performance. Size is psychological and the performance is real. Electric Irons, cellular telephones, transistors, televisions, laptops and all such devices are becoming more and more small in size and the world prefers them. This switch can handle directly up to 3 kW and a contactor can be attached if the load is more. This ensures a lesser cost when compared to any other solution and yet gives the ideal performance. The integral model SWADEEP 02-EC offers the solution for higher lamp loads. This model SWADEEP 02-EC comes with a contactor, MCB, terminal connectors, cable glands, an openable door with window, lock and key, pole mountable brackets etc.

5) Question : Where to install the switch. It cannot be a part of the panel?

Answer: This switch can normally act as a substitute of manual switching and will come in series with the existing manual switch. The output of the existing manual switch can be taken as input to the Nature Switch, Instead of connecting to the load. The manual switch can be used to switch off the supply to the system in case of servicing needs and also to reset the Nature switch in the event of overload trip. The Nature switch need not be a part of the panel since it does not need any access once installed. The NATURE SWITCH needs to be exposed to the ambient solar radiation and so should not be enclosed in any panel. In fact installation of NATURE SWITCH is quite easy in the open outdoors since it is designed to be used in the outdoors.

In the case of poles the Nature Switch will be installed on the same pole to which the present switch is attached. In the case of high mast lamps the Nature Switch can be installed at a height of above 6’ and the output will go the control panel so that the contactor can be activated. The accessibility of the contactor is needed but not the Nature Switch.

In case the manual switch is part of a switch board which may be in a room the Nature switch will be installed on a wall exposing it to the outside and the cables can run from the Nature Switch to the switch board and from there to the lamps.

6) Question : How to know what the operational state of the Nature Switch...

Answer: The Nature Switch is provided with the needed LED based indication to be visible from a distance in the day and night. The color changes from green to amber in the night. It will flash in red color if the load is tripped. The same LED will flash in green if the device has tripped the load due to low voltage. The LED will flash in amber and green if the device has tripped the load due to high voltage. The visual indication is enough to know the state unlike the present panel boxes, which need to be opened to know the state.

7) Question : What are the attachments required installing a Nature Switch?

Answer: The Nature Switch does not need any attachments for installation. It does not need a box to protect it nor it needs a terminal box. These are all part of the Nature switch it self. The installation time is quite small. The only requirement is the small cable meant for live in, live out, and neutral. Two screws which are supplied along with the NATURE SWITCH are needed to fix the bracket to a wall or pole and a screwdriver to connect the cable to the terminals.

8) Question : Is it not inaccessible for maintenance?

Answer: It may look surprising but the fact is that it is aimed not to need any attendance whatsoever and it is proved to be so. So the location at a height will avoid all the problems like theft and unauthorized meddling. How ever we recommend a height of above 6' which meets the need.

9) Question : How serious is the exposure of the Nature Switch window to the sunlight?

Answer: The Nature Switch goes by the light level as sensed by the window. So the window cannot be kept in an enclosed area like a room or under a covered area. But in some cases it may so happen that tree cover covers the area. In this case the tree may reduce the light falling on the sensor. The thickness of the foliage influences the effect on the light but however we have observed in practice that the tree cover will not stop the light and the actual difference is only upto a minute compared to another unit exposed fully to the skylight.

10) Question : What are the problems after installation?

Answer: The normal problems include a bad input switch. This problem in the input route may not ensure proper supply to the NATURE SWITCH. If there is overload in the load route the Nature Switch will trip and the red LED will flash to indicate that the load route need to be checked. If the voltage of the mains goes very high the NATURE SWITCH will trip the load and the LED will flash in GREEN and AMBER to indicate the high voltage state. How ever the moment the voltage level becomes normal the NATURE SWITCH will resume the function.

11) Question : Can it solve all the problems of lighting system?

Answer: It can truly solve all the problems associated with switching of the lamps. The input supply is to be ensured all the 24 hours. If the input switch is kept all the time ON this is met. If the input switch is proper and the problem of overload is avoided the Nature switch will not call for any maintenance what so ever and one can forget the outdoor lamp switching for all practical purposes except for change of the fused lamps.

12) Question : In how many models they are available?

Answer: They are available in nine standard models namely,

  • SWADEEP-02 EC 5kW 1P
  • SWADEEP-02 EC 8kW 1P
  • SWADEEP-02 EC 5kW 3P
  • SWADEEP-02 EC 8kW 3P, and
  • SWADEEP-02 EC 12kW 3P

13) Question : How HID Dimming is achieved in SAVE SWITCH?

Answer: SAVE SWITCH is based on the concept of adding an incremental electro magnetic reactance in series to an existing control gear of an HID lamp to realize reduction in lamp wattage as per the duration selected by the user. The SAVE SWITCH provides a selection switch so that the user can select any hour from zero to 9 with a resolution of one hour. After the expiry of the duration from the switching ON at Dusk, the SAVE SWITCH will bring into operation an additional electro magnetic reactor to reduce the wattage of the lamp.  Models are available for various wattages like 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250 W, 400W,800W etc.. One SAVE SWITCH can be used for each lamp post having either one or two lamps and for twin lamp posts SAVE SWITCH is also available as 2x150W,   2x2 50W, 2X400W etc. to meet the field requirements.

14) Question : How SAVE SWITCH can with stand variations in voltage and power interruptions?

Answer: SAVE SWITCH comes with a micro processor driven electronic circuit capable of withstanding mains voltages of up to 440 Volts AC. The SAVE SWITCH can perform from a voltage level as low as 150 Volts AC.. The electronic circuit comes with a proprietary software with special algorithms so that any power interruption during the night will not cause any malfunction of the SAVE SWITCH. In fact there are provisions for pre-warming of the lamp immediately after re-strike so that the lamp life will not get effected.

15) Question : How uniformly SAVE SWITCH can perform the HID lamp dimming when installed in a row?

Answer: SAVE SWITCH is designed to ensure a very high degree of uniformity among themselves so that they all work in unison when installed in a street. In fact if there is no power interruption during the night up to the point of dimming they all should act with digital precision and with a perfect uniformity. There is a special design feature to ensure this uniformity.

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