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Change the way you use your lights.

Kakatiya Energy Systems Private Limited, incorporated in the year 1999 has been the pioneer in implementing patented sensing technology for automation of outdoor lighting. KES specialized in the manufacture of lighting controls using advanced and innovative patented technologies that offer energy conservation and automation. Now with a vision to change the way people interact with their lights, KES is leading the way in providing interactive smart controls for lighting with state of the art technologies.

Successfully developing a product in - house and implementing sensing technology never heard of before in the entire world acts as the foundation of this company. Automatic sensor based electrical switches that are immune to artificial lights were introduced by KES under the brand Nature Switch. Every year more than 55 Million Units of electricity is being saved by Nature Switches globally. Top of the line control systems with globally unique and patented technology holds key to the growth of KES.

Long experience in the lighting industry and vision for the future enabled us to develop expertise in the applicative technology areas of light sensing, advanced electronics, electrical switching operations, signal processing, selective spectral responses, low light detection, advanced wireless communication systems, internet enabled interactive devices. The Company has dedicated teams for Mechanical, Plastic, Tooling and Designs. In house IT teams work on Web Application development, Database Management, User Interface and communication Protocols.

P R Lakshmana rao Managing Director


To actively design and develop solutions useful to the society on a global scale and getting recognized as a reliable supplier of innovative and quality futuristic solutions giving making the organization follow a sustained growth plan.


1. Always follow ethical practices while dealing with stakeholders.
2. Always engage in productive activities offering real value addition to the society.
3. Encourage innovation and reward productive contributions of organizational participants to sustain relationships.
4. Practice good corporate governance in letter and spirit so that the company can grow on a global scale.
5. Maintain good relationship with both business and non-business stakeholders.


Our product offerings for intelligent switching ranges from stand alone sensor based switches to interactive web based solutions. We provide switches that will independently switch ON at dusk and switch OFF at dawn for applications like street lighting, and variants that can be turned OFF in the middle of the night with timer based logic for applications like sign boards for increased saving. In-built voltage protection to the load increases the lifetime of lamps being operated in turn reducing maintenance costs.

Additionally, internet enabled solutions are also available for controlling each individual lamp independently or control group of lights. With multiple switching modes, remote energy meter reading and interactive charts and graphs for real-time control and preventive maintenance.

We also offers products for IOT application in sectors like Elevator Control, Motor Control, Aircon Control, Fire detection, etc,.