Conceptual Framework

We offer products for two basic functions of switching and HID lamp dimming.

1. Nature Switch family for automatic control of outdoor lighting.
2. SAVE SWITCH family for late night dimming of LED lamps.
The core objective of all the products lies in Energy Conservation through automation offering the twin advantages of cost saving and emission reduction. We recognize the need to offer solutions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). We are contributing to the above spirit through offering systems for improving energy efficiency in lighting normally called CDM project eligible for carbon credit under the guidelines of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (


This unique product is based on an infrared sensor and the fundamental decision is based on ambient light level for switching ON since it is almost a universal requirement for all outdoor lights. It switches ON the outdoor lights the moment the light level goes below 60 LUX. Once the natural sunlight remains below 60 lux for more than 30 seconds, the NATURE SWITCH will switch ON and ensures that the ground Illuminance of the required level is maintained. Similarly in the morning as the natural light level builds to 10 lux the unit will switch OFF the lamps after 30 seconds so that no more power is consumed unnecessarily. We also offer VISIBLE light sensor based SUN SWITCH for indoor light control.


This model is called NATURE SWITCH-01 and is particularly suitable to all those outdoor lights, which are ON during the entire night like street lamps, campus lamps, yard lamps etc. The product is offered with extra protective features like OVER / UNDER VOLTAGE sense, trip and auto reset etc.


This model called NATURE SWITCH-02 is specially developed for applications like hoarding control, sign board control etc where normally the users want to switch OFF the lamps late in the night once the normal movement of the traffic slows down say by 11 PM or 12 o' clock in the night depending on the location, city, nature of traffic etc. In fact some of the street lamps can also be switched OFF by say 1 AM in the early hours. For example one phase may be OFF by 11 PM and the second phase by 1 AM and the third phase at dawn depending on the natural light level. These times also change in accordance with the season. Consequently the Nature Switch-02 offers a unique duration based selection for switching off of the lamps. This is expressed in terms of hours from the time of switching ON based on dusk. The selection is possible from 4 to 8 hours with a resolution of half-an-hour. The internal clock is quartz based for long-term stability. Input mains power failure will not stop the clock since a rechargeable battery is provided. This model of NATURE SWTICH-02 also switches on the lights based on natural light level at dusk irrespective of time. The switching OFF will take place as per user selection instead of at DAWN.


NATURE SWITCH models 01 and 02 can handle a direct lighting load of up to 3kW on one phase. It is customary and convenient to use power contactors if the load is more than 3kW. Power contactors are also used for switching load on all the three phases from a common switch. To facilitate an easy installation SWADEEP-02 EC is offered in 6 models. This is an integral model offered with all the control gear, fixing arrangements, cable termination facility, lock and key etc. SWADEEP-02EC is offered as a pole mountable enclosure consisting of a light sensitive control system, power contactor for load switching, MCB, and terminal blocks. The enclosure comes complete with mounting brackets, cable glands, openable door with lock and key. The enclosure is made of UV stabilized, FR grade special molding compound to provide a rust proof, electric shock proof, termite proof, outdoor mountable electrically insulating body capable of enduring solar radiation in the outdoor. Selectable options are available for duration based switching OFF as well Override facility for maintenance.


Swadeep-03-EC-Dual consists of NATURE SWITCH®-03 along with Contactor, MCB, Terminals etc. all housed in an SMC enclosure conforming to IP54 along with pole fixing brackets and lock and key. This is specially offered for handling lighting loads like High mast lighting, Street light circuits operating on 3 Phase, Campus lighting etc. The unique feature of this product offers operating partial load for full night and the balance load for part night to derive energy savings. This can also be used on single phase operated street light circuits by running two parallel cables to feed the lighting circuit. Swadeep-03-EC-Dual will switch ON/OFF both the feeding cables run on the same phase to provide a feature of partial load switching OFF during middle of night while the rest of the load runs till sun rise. This is particularly useful in the case of High mast lighting.


NATURE SWITCH®-INDOOR is specially designed for automatic switching of indoor lighting as per the lux level selected. The NS-INDOOR will automatically switch ON the lighting whenever the illumination level falls below the selected level and will automatically switch OFF the lighting load when the natural illumination goes beyond the selected level. It employs an advanced patented Multi Spectral Sensor technology for reliable and dependable operation in the indoors.


NATURE SWITCH®-ATM is designed for automatic control of signage andair conditioner in an ATM, using advanced infrared sensing andmicrocontroller based logic for control of all varieties of air conditioners, which are switched ON/OFF based on the need with attention freeoperation. This reduces manual costs, saves power bills and pays for itself. NATURE SWITCH®-GSM: CONTROL AT YOUR FINGER TIPS
NATURE SWITCH®-GSM offers the NATURE SWITCH® with all its intelligence plus a remote monitoring and communication facility using either a mobile or a web interface as per the choice. An SMS from your mobile handset or a click in our web interface from any Internet enabled device can turn ON/OFF, set ON/OFF timings for your lighting system. The ease of use and accuracy in working makes it a unique product. The device also offers alert messages.


As an experienced and responsible person and having knowledge of road driving conditions, you will agree that night time driving on roads is highly critical and glare is a major problem. Dipping headlamp manually hundreds of times each night demands a lot of time and energy. With focus on steering control one may avoid dipping. Sometimes a few may not dip due to false ego and lack of concern for others. You will agree that automation of the dipping is a better way to improve comfort and safety to all on the road.
RAKSHA® is designed to be universal model. It can be installed in all four wheelers at about 5 feet height from the ground. The product is compatible for 12Vand 24V systems. The product will also be same for low side and high side switching electrical circuits of different automobiles. RAKSHA® consists of two parts. The sensing and processing part will be in the cabin compartment behind the wind shield and the solid state relay will be located in the engine compartment close to the head lamps.

Sensor: RAKSHA®provides you with the latest in automotive electronics using state of the art sensing and advanced Micro Computer. It can think like an intelligent human being and can work like a robot to automate the head lamp beam shifting. RAKSHA®knows when you should travel in high beam and when you can afford to dip your head lamps.
Relay: Automotive headlamp switching is one of the challenging tasks. For many decades automobiles used a simple mechanical switch operated manually to shift the head lamp beam. These switches are designed for smaller wattage of Head lamps. Later mechanical relays have come in to place which are operated by a coil driven contacts. These relays offer only a limited life since the moving contacts have a limited life and in an automotive environment, the lamps are operated many a times each night. This is the genesis for the birth of ‘RAKSHA HEAD LAMP RELAY’ the most revolutionary, unique and ultimate solution based on state of the art technology for the finest service. RAKSHA HEAD LAMP RELAY is based on solid state electronic switching without any moving parts and there is no fuse. There is a built in sense, trip and auto reset for all extremities like over current, over voltage, and over temperature.


Save switch is offered as an intelligent and easy to fix solution for HID lamp dimming during non-peak hours. The product is universal for HPSV and MH lamps and offers dimming upto 40% using the concept of bi-level or step dimming. SAVE SWITCH helps in maintaining the uniformity factor while energy conservation is achieved and the device offers the selection of the peak period duration from 1 to 9 hours. The conceptual basis is provided below for more details.
High intensity lighting is normally provided using HID luminaries like HPSV and MH lamps. They are often the preferred choice when large areas like road ways, parking lots, pathways, etc. are to be illuminated. The power rating of the luminaries is selected based on the Illuminance requirements of the field during the early hours of the night. However the illumination level required will be less during the non-peak hours or during the late night. SAVE SWITCH is designed to meet this need automatically.
Save Switch uses the concept of Step-level dimming enabling wattage reduction to 60% of rated power. Step-level dimming is ideal for saving energy and providing lighting for safety and security during non peak hours. SAVE SWITCH also allows individual fixture control and is suitable for retrofit. Save Switch works with both HPSV and MH types of HID lamp types and is suitable for indoor as well outdoor usage.
SAVE SWITCH comes as a reliable, integrated, aesthetic and cost effective solution with a low pay back period. SAVE SWITCH ensures uniform Illuminance level. SAVE SWITCH is installed in the junction box on a pole for outdoors. SAVE SWITCH comes in series to the input terminals of the control gear. The basic feature of SAVE SWITCH is to maintain the lamp in Higher Wattage (HW) for the selected duration from the time the lamp is switched ON in the evening and to shift the lamp to Lower Wattage (LW) till switched OFF in the morning. Any duration from 0 to 9 hours can be selected.