Nature Switch-ATM

Nature Switch-ATM

NATURE SWITCH®-ATM is designed for automatic control of signage and air conditioner in an ATM, using advanced infrared sensing and micro controller based logic for control of all varieties of air conditioners, which are switched ON/OFF based on the need with attention free operation. This reduces manual costs, saves power bills and pays for itself.


  • Automatic switching ON of Signage at SUNSET.
  • Automatic switching OFF of Signage at SUNRISE.
  • Automatic Switch OFF of the Air Con unit after 4 hours from SUNSET Automatic Switch OFF of both the Air Con units after 4 hours from SUNSET.
  • Automatic restart of the Air Con unit from SUNRISE.
  • Automatic cycling of the Air Con units as selected during the day. Only one is ON at any time.
  • Air Con Switching Cycle example: 2 hours ON and 2 hours OFF of each Air Con alternatively.
  • Automatic High voltage sense, trip and auto reset.
  • Automatic Low voltage sense, trip and auto reset.
  • Wide operating voltage range from 150-300 VAC.
  • No need of seasonal settings.


APPLICATION: NATURE SWITCH-ATM is designed for automatic control of signage and air conditioner in an ATM. It uses advanced infrared sensing and microcontroller based logic for control. It is aimed at saving energy at ATM by automatically switching OFF the air conditioner for many hours during night and also cyclically during day time. It also provides automation of Signage and offers protection from over voltage.

Challenges involved are
1. Saving the energy consumption of Air Conditioners.
2. Protecting the Air Conditioner from damages due to over voltage
3. Switching ON of the Signage at sunset.
4. Switching OFF of the Signage at sunrise.
5. Indoor lights needs to be kept on when ever needed.
6. The locations are remote and so attendance is costly.
7. Input voltage variations at the field can not be avoided.
8. Seasons change calling for different time settings over the year.
9. Persons with skill and efficiency needs to be deployed at site.

No more timer, no more setting, no more correction. no more power back up No more damages due to over voltage. No more damages due to lighting, surges, spikes.. Consequently no stoppage of the operation. Fit it and forget it. Comes with a warranty. Easy installation…… Very least skill is required for electrical connection. No more settings and so no confusion. Saves 100% of AC unit power for 8 hours to 10 hours every day. Pay back period will be less than the warranty period.

Over voltage trip : > 260VAC*
Auto over voltage reset : < 250VAC*
Low voltage trip : < 150VAC*
Auto low voltage reset : > 160VAC*