Nature Switch-WIRELESS

Nature Switch-WIRELESS

Automatic electrical switch incorporating advanced sensing technology powered by solar energy and robust electrical switching system with wireless communication. This variant eliminates the need to run cables from distribution board to the outdoor installation point of the switch. Sensor can be installed outdoor and will be powered independently by solar panel. Indoor switching system will communicate with sensor over wireless network and switch ON/OFF.


  • Outdoor sensor unit and indoor switching unit function as a pair
  • Outdoor unit powered by solar panel for sunlight sensing
  • Indoor unit for switching ON/OFF the electrical load
  • Wireless RF link between indoor and outdoor units
  • Range of communication: up to 100 meters (line of sight)
  • System Immune to other wireless networks.
  • Outdoor unit powered from Solar energy.
  • Indoor switching units are offered in NS-01, 02, 03, ATM.
  • Outdoor unit immune to artificial lights and moon light.
  • Degree of protection conforms to IP 65.