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About Our Company

We are a technology company engaged in offering intelligent lighting controls for energy efficiency in lighting. We are the pioneers in innovative lighting controls based on patented sensing technology and state of the art electronics. Currently offering with latest communication technologies for internet based smart controls. Read More

We are delivering State of Art Patented Sensing Technology

Cloud based Light control system

Remotely control lighting from anywhere in the world.

Energy Saving Analytics

Real time Analytics of energy parameters

Live Device Monitoring

Interactive Smartphone Apps for Real time monitoring on the go.

Road Safety

Unique Sensing Technology for Glare reduction.

Our Products
To develop products based on zero based concept and to adopt new methods of manufacturing and offering unique and new products to the customer.
To consistently engage in development and production of products useful to the society on a global scale leading to global recognition as a reliable supplier of innovative and quality products leading to a sustained growth of the organization.
1. Following ethical practices in all dealings with the stakeholders and the society.
2. Always engaging in productive activities offering a real value addition through its products and services to the society.
3. Encouraging innovation and rewarding the productive contributions of the organizational participants to sustain the relationships.
4. Practicing good corporate governance in its letter and spirit so that the company can grow on a global scale in an acceptable manner to the world at large.
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